unnamedIslamabad (September 9, 2015) The National Book Foundation (NBF) has recently published the second edition of Urdu book titled “SUNEHRI KAHANIAN” written by Najma Parveen which contains 92 pages with a tag price of Rs80/-. This book allegorically narrates stories of birds, animals and nature. The artist Maryam Abbas has pictorially designed this book with meaningful and attractive sketches in accordance with the subject of each story. The author has dedicated her book to her lovely kids Hassan, Umar, Aisha and Hareem and to all those brilliant and brave children who are the bright future of Pakistan. She has explained that the main purpose to write these stories is to bring the children closer to book and to promote reading habits which, in fact is a key to open the new horizon of informations. This publication is a part of NBF’s literature for children and fulfills the major objectives to provide informative, useful and low priced quality books to the readers. The book spreads the rays of hope amongst its readers and gives lessons such as love, determination, devotion, truth, tolerance, patriotism, bravery, sacrifice etc. The members of NBF Readers Club May have this book at 55% discount (Rs36/-.only).

This book is available at the main outlet of NBF situated at 6- Mauve Area, G8/4, Taleemi Chowk Islamabad, Club Book Shop and all the book shops of NBF other than Islamabad.