book reading sessionPESHAWAR: A book reading session was held at the historic Sethi House in Mohalla Sethian here on Wednesday to highlight the cultural heritage of the South Asia’s oldest living city, Peshawar.

The Tourism Corporation Khyber Pakhtunkhwa organised the session attended by people from different walks of life.

Passages from books about the Peshawar city depicting its history, culture and beauty were read out to the participants over a cup of Kehwa (green tea) on a cold and foggy December afternoon.

It was titled “Peshawar Ki Haseen Yadain” or beautiful memories of Peshawar.

Two authors hailing from Peshawar city — Dr Syed Amjad Hussain and Ibrahim Zia — read out passages from different books they authored about Peshawar. They read out those excerpts which talked of different values, ways of lifestyle, peaceful and brotherly environment as well as different historic events of the Peshawar city.

Not only the book reading session was informative and interesting, it helped those living inside or away from the Peshawar city to relive those historic events as the authors read from their writings.

Peshawar city, which had been fading its true cultural heritage due to menace of terrorism, once again reminded those present on the occasion how much historic and beautiful it was.