unnamed (1)ISLAMABAD SEPTEMBER29, 2015 The NBF Book Ambassador living in United States of America, intellectual and author of many books, Dr. Asif Riaz-e-Qadeer paid visit of National Book Foundation (NBF). Dr. Asif Riaz-e-Qadeer took keen interest in National Book Museum, National Book Park, NBF Readers Club Scheme and NBF Bookshop during his visit. He said that it is wonderful and praiseworthy place of book-lovers and our countrymen to see and enjoy the ambitious moments.  “The sole efforts of Managing Director, Dr. Inam-ul-Haq Javeid who has been taking revolutionary steps bringing in very positive changes in Book World,” he appreciated. The renowned writer came from Houston State of USA, specially took visit of National Book Foundation and said that book is very loyal guide and leads us to the destiny with broaden minds and thinking.

Managing Director of NBF Prof. Dr. Inam-ul- Haq Javeid explained the aims, roles and working of National Book Foundation (NBF) to the guest. He briefed that how it is working and playing its vital role in developing and promoting the Book Culture among people.Managing Director explained about the book fairs and book galas organized in big cities such as Islamabad, Karachi and Quetta for promotion of book culture in Pakistan.

Dr Asif Riaz-e-Qadeer appricisted the promotional schemes of NBF initiated by the Managing Director and penned down his remarks in the visitors book