Islamabad (August 31, 2015 ) National Book Foundation (NBF) has recently published an important Urdu book titled “Muntakhab Ghazlain- Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi” Consisting of 189 Pages with a tag price of Rs. 120/-, the members of NBF Readers Club may have it at 55%  attractive discount (Rs.54/-only). It has been compiled by a well known writer Dr. Naheed Qasmi who selected 112 the most popular and thought provoking ghazals of Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi out of his 8 poetry books such as Jalal-o- Jamal, Shola-e-Gul, Dasht-e-Wafa, Moheet, Dawaam, Lauh-e-Khaak, Baseet and Arz-o-Sama. The flaps contain the opinions of Firaq Gorakhpuri, Dr. Akhtar Hussain Raipuri, Dr. Abid Raza Bedaar and Josh Maleeh Abadi. The Compiler has dedicated this book to Urdu Ghazal and expressed her special thanks to Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Dr. Inam ul Haq Javeid, National Book Foundation and Urdu Language.unnamed (1)

            Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi was a legendary and major literary figure in contemporary Urdu literature and there are more than 50 books on his credit. He had a long career as a writer and editor for half a century. Nadeem Qasmi edited several prominent literary journals including Phool, Thezeeb-e-Niswaan, Adab-i-Lateef, Savera, Naqoosh and his own journal “Funoon”. The compiler, Dr. Naheed Qasmi, has mentioned the difficulties she faced while selecting a limited number of Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi’s ghazals out of thousands, but she did it in a very befitting manner. Prof. Dr. Inam ul Haq javeid has paid rich and glowing tribute to the literary work of Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi and applauded his great services in the fields of poetry, fiction, criticism, journalism and art. Dr. Inam has also showed his recognition to the efforts done by Dr. Naheed Qasmi to compile this book.

This beautiful compilation is very useful for students of Urdu literature, teachers, researchers and the lovers of Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi. The book fulfills the main objectives of NBF to provide useful, fruitful, informative and low priced quality books to the books lovers. This book is available at the main outlet of NBF situated at 6- Mauve Area, G8/4, Taleemi Chowk Islamabad, Club Book Shop and all the book shops of NBF other than Islamabad.