It is much despondent to reveal that interview was scheduled for Assistant Professor Library and Information Science (LIS) in Rawalpindi and Multan/BWP on 30th of July 2015. Unfortunately, no candidate was qualified for the post of Assistant Professor LIS after the scrutiny of documents. Reason for not being selected was the lack of teaching experience on either college or university level. As per advertisement, qualification of phD with 2 years of teaching and research experience, Mphil with 5 years of teaching and research experience and masters with 7 years of teaching and research experience was required in the relevant subject.

It is much disappointed and sad here to question about why librarians are not eligible for this post of Assistant Professor for not having teaching experience. As, librarians are known as “teachers of teachers”. Librarians are also serving as researchers in college and university libraries then why only teaching experience is required? Secondly, PPSC also ruled out librarian to be an administrative and manager. Then where librarians stand? Neither they are teachers nor administrator/ manager?

LIS professionals Mr. Bashir Ahmad, Mr. Raja Muhammad Ibrahim, Mr. Anwar Ijaz and Mr. Ghayyour Hussain argued to PPSC (regional office) chairman in Rawalpindi about this issue. Their responce to this argue was “administrative here means, it should be DEO Education or something like that”. LIS professional Mr. Bashir Ahmad said, “If this is the crieteria, i am afraid to say (with prior apology) that Dr. Muhammad Ramzan  is also not eligible for the post of Assistant Prof. In HED despite of having PhD and vast administrative experience and knowledge of the field”.

This is a humble request to HED officials and the focal persons in Government to kindly clear the situation of LIS professionals before advertising the new vacant seats for LIS professionals. As there are no Lecturere or Assistant Professor in colleges before. So, kindly re-schedule the interview considering the experience.