By Abdul Qadir Qureshi
(Pakistan News & Features Services)

Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, an eminent scholar and library scientist, has advocated for the establishment of greater number public libraries all over the country in order to facilitate the people who are willing to learn and move forward in life.
“New libraries could be established in public places like sports complexes, railway stations and social clubs. It will be hugely beneficial for the people in their quest for knowledge,” she observed in a statement on the occasion of the World Books & Copyright Day being celebrated on April 23.
“Libraries are comfortable and peaceful places where one can sit and acquire knowledge safely. There should be more and more libraries in the society that are easily accessible to the general public,” Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, a former chairperson of the Library & Information Science department of the University of Karachi, stated.
“Many of the historic libraries in the country are in dire need of renovation. Libraries are part and parcel of our cultural heritage of writing manuscripts and letters of dignitaries, pictures of historical monuments and mushaira recordings etc,” she added.
Prof Dr Nasim Fatima, who is Vice President of the Library Promotion Bureau (LPB), Editor of the Pakistan Library & Information Science Journal, and Chief Editor of Adab Wa Kutubkhana, expressed the hope that the government authorities and the non-governmental stakeholders will play a proactive role in the establishment of more public libraries in the country in the larger national interest.
“The creation of large number of libraries will bring about a very positive change in the society and it will also be greatly helpful in enhancing the literacy rate,” she concluded.