mullaIslamabad:  The National Book Foundation’s book “Mulla Nasruddin” written by renowned writer, poet and author Mehmood Sham has gained an extra ordinary popularity among the children, elders and the general people. This book has been sold in a number of ninety five thousand so far which is a record sale business for NBF. In this book the author has included short stories regarding Mulla Nasruddin (in patches) which reflect stupidity and intelligence of this character simultaneously in a lighter way. Mulla Nasruddin is a character who moves and reacts interestingly and gives positive message to the readers. This book fulfills the major objectives of NBF to provide informative, fruitful and quality books to its readers. The tag price of the latest fourth edition of Mulla Nasruddin is Rs.130/-. The members of NBF readers club may have it at 55% special discount (Rs.59/- only)