Essential English VocabularyIslamabad (July 13, 2015) National book foundation (NBF) has recently published a new English book of 394 pages titled “ESSENTIAL ENGLISH VOCABULARY” with a tag price of Rs 500/-. It has been written by renowned scholar and author Prof. Ijaz Ilahi Malik who has many books on his credit. Prof. Ijaz Ilahi Malik studied at the Presentation Convent and Saint Mary’s Cambridge Schools in Rawalpindi, both of which were then run by foreign missionaries. From there he went on to study at the Punjab Cadet College, Hassanabdal, a premier public school of Pakistan. He obtained his Master’s degree in English from the Punjab University.

Prof. Malik has taught postgraduate classes in the subject of English and edited and translated a wide range of books for UNECSO, UNFPA and the Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan. He has also been an examiner in the subject of English Composition and English Essay for various Public Service Commissions. Further, he has written copiously on education and represented Pakistan at various education conferences from time to time. The authors has explained that there is close correlation between intelligence and vocabulary. A person having much vocabulary considered more proficient in the circle of educated people. The key for gaining this ability, main way of developing good vocabulary is only reading and studying of this type of books. Mr. Ijaz Ilahi Malik has further stated that words stand for ideas. They are the tools of thought. This book has primarily been written with the college and O and A level students in mind, as well as those who are desirous of taking the TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE, the CSS and other competitive and English language Examinations.

This book is a useful guide for the post – graduate students, journalists, business executives, office workers, teachers and those in the professional world, who have to correspond or write reports.

The members of NBF readers club may have this book at 55% discount (Rs. 225/-). This book is available at the main out let of NBF situated at 6- Mauve Area, G8/4, Taleemi Chowk Islamabad, Club Book Shop and all the book shops of NBF other than Islamabad.