bachaaBy Nasrullah Jamali: Educational Institutes and Libraries should be safe heaven, where communities can work for better future. Instead in our country these institutions have become the target of violent attacks from terrorists.

Attack on educational institutes are intentional threat to the future. Terrorists feel easy to attack educational Institutes to Blackish the future of Pakistan.

But the peoples of Pakistan does not allow their willing to come true. For this purpose all the stakeholders from Library community to General Public are standing shoulder by shoulder with Armed Forces of Pakistan.

  Due to these attacks, hundreds of students have been deprived of the chance of getting an education.

In recent attack on Bacha Khan University at least 20 Students and Faculty Members embraced martyred including an Assistant Librarian.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Assistant Librarian and other martyred peoples. They will be truly missed and we will include them and all martyred peoples in our daily prayers.