attash durraniIslamabad (28 August 2015 ) Prof. Dr. Attash Durrani is a distinguished Urdu writer and Linguist Critic, Researcher, Lexicographer and Terminologist, Translator and founder of Urdu Informatics. He wrote more than 200 books and 300 papers, published in reputed national and international journals. He got prominent place in sketch writing in Urdu literature. He also edited some important and famous Urdu journals.

            He served as professor in Urdu and Pakistani Languages and Computer Science Departments and serving as Advisor for Federal Textbook Board. His services for National Language, proposing National Languages Commission and National Language Policy are admirable far and wide. He is also member of National Curriculum Council. In the field of Education, he developed curricula for Urdu, Literacy and Non- Formal Education and Textbooks, devised language research principles and courses.

            His services to develop Urdu and Pakistani Languages as computing languages are recognizable. Urdu code plates developed under his supervision in the National Language Authority was approved by the President of Pakistan. The other contributions in the Center of Excellence for Urdu Informatics are Urdu Database, Urdu font Pak Nastaleeq and Translation software. Dr. Durrani presented his theory for Urdu as Pakistani languages on Unicode and got international standard codes for the languages written in Arabic script to develop one software with one code plate. He converted  as well Microsoft Windows Vista, Office in Urdu and Pakistani Language and developed style guide and a short dictionary for the computer localization.

            On 14th August 2010 he has been conferred civil award “Tamgha-e-Imtiaz” in recognition of his meritorious services in the field of literature and was decorated on 23rd March 2011.

            In preview of the variety volume and importance of his noble services, the President of Islamic Republic of Pakistan conferred upon him the civil award “sitara-e-Imtiaz” on 14th August 2015.